Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wine Tasting and Italian Carnevale

If you've read my previous blog on my weekend trip to Rome, you'll know I had an excellent first few days in the Eternal City thanks to The Roman Guy.

What made the weekend for me, though, was our Sunday day trip to the town of Frascati, just twenty minutes outside Rome. This charming little place played host to us for the day as we took part in The Old Frascati Wine Tour, followed by an afternoon of Italian Carnevale fun!

We were greeted at Frascati train station by our wonderful guide Dominique, who took us on a tour of the town. We visited the local bakery where Nonna Rosanna is still baking at 90 years old! She told us she owes her vitality to the air in the hills, a good Roman diet (and a cigarette every day!) Here, we sampled melt-in-the mouth porchetta (slow roasted pork) in freshly baked bread. We washed it down with a glass of local wine - it was to be the first of many! Dominique assured us that 'breakfast wine' was totally a thing here. The 'jug wine' we tried at a local shop was 14% and very rustic!  
Next, we were taken by car to the beautiful vineyard, one of the oldest family run wineries in Frascati - set in a sunken valley which is gets the perfect amount of sunlight and moisture from the morning mist in the hills. We were shown around and learned about the wine making process - even getting a chance to visit the deep wine cave which dates back to Ancient Rome.

Soon, it was time to sample some of these wares! We headed upstairs in the 14th century farmhouse where we tried each of the wines: red and white, accompanied by fresh bread and olive oil. Interestingly, I enjoyed the taste of the red wine which had been chilled! It was a new experience for me but I could definitely imagine sipping it on a balmy Summer's evening.

We finished our vineyard tour outside, soaking up the afternoon sunshine and sampling the sweet dessert wine, which was served with cookies. Then, we returned back into the centre of Frascati for a glorious lunch of pasta, olives, bread and meats. All washed down with the delicious wine! 

Fully fed, we ventured to the town square where we were delighted to find the Carnevale in full swing! 

Frascati has definitely stolen my heart and I can't wait to return one day. It's amazing that such a tranquil place exists so close to the hustle of Rome! The Old Frascati Wine Tour is a must-do if you're visiting - an authentic Italian experience which I'm still dreaming about even now... 

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