Thursday, 28 May 2015

Netflix rave: Grace and Frankie

I've been searching for something new to watch on Netflix recently and I came across Grace and Frankie, a light-hearted sitcom about two ladies who discover that their husbands are more than just business partners: have been having an affair for 40 years.

With a premise like that I was expecting their to be a lot of hilarity in the first episode at least, but I wondered how they were going to retain my interest after the pilot. As expected there was a lot of awkward situation comedy and outrageous one liners ("If anyone's going to sit on Ryan Gosling's face, it'll be me!" Grace's response to her husband's joke purchase of a Ryan Gosling chair). 

However, I found it rather more endearing than I expected. There were humorous moments to be found in those complicated family scenarios we can all relate to: the way we care so much about those we're closest to whilst we simultaneously can't stand them.

Grace and Frankie are the archetypal example of finding friendship with someone who's completely opposite to you in almost every way: what inevitably draws them closer is a mutual understanding of experiencing a giant loss at the same time in their lives, and finding comfort in dealing with that new loneliness.

It's the kind of show you can watch with your mum (as I did) and see elements of your own family life in the characters on screen. It's just the right mix of ridiculous, funny and deep - just my kind of TV show!

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